Is Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy The Best Choice For Women Dealing With Menopause?

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For many women, choosing all natural health and beauty products is a choice they make without thinking much about it. If a product is all-natural that always means it is safe, right? Before you begin taking natural supplements as hormone replacement therapy, learning more about it is extremely vital to your good health and well-being.

Weighing The Risks

Synthetic hormones have been used for many years in replacement therapy for menopause. However, clinical trials have shown that some synthetic hormones have been linked to breast cancer. For this reason, many women taking synthetic hormones stopped doing so, most of them ending up dealing with vicious menopause symptoms again like hot flashes and mood swings. Because of the increased risk of breast cancer, many women began considering natural, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

However, when considering natural sources used for the creation of hormone replacement supplements, you should know that the urine of pregnant mares is used and is considered one of the purest, all natural sources. You might not fancy the idea of ingesting horse urine, but the desired results in hormone control might be worth it. Bio-identical hormone replacements go about inside your system like other, body generated hormones do, making them desirable for replacement therapy.

What Might Happen Without Any Hormone Replacement Therapy

Symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats are common for menopause. However, other health issues are caused by menopause that are more serious and can be prevented through hormone replacement therapy. Severe depression, mood swings and high levels of anxiety are some of the effects caused by a decreased production of sex hormones in the body.

When you lose these hormone levels, your body reacts. The human body is greatly influenced by hormone control, so when they become off kilter, serious side effects are produced. While a synthetic hormone may not be your first choice, using it until you and your doctor put together a good natural replacement plan may be a smart option. Your healthcare provider can help you learn more about what steps are best for you to get back healthier hormone levels.

Menopause Myths And Wives' Tales

Lots of women go through life being told many wives' tales and myths about menopause and what can be expected when it starts. While many grandmothers and mothers are a lot of help in preparing and learning about this major life occurrence, some of the stories can be wrong. The best source for you to learn about menopause is your physician.

If you have heard something about symptoms from an older woman in your family or circle of friends, be sure to ask about it when you visit your doctor.  Some natural, home remedies do work, the greatest being maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. However, if a home remedy is recommended to you, be sure to find out from your doctor, like those at Genemedics Health Institute, if it is safe and if it will help you get back on track or if it could possibly make your symptoms worse.