Botox For Excessive Sweating: Will It Work For You?

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If you are an excessive sweater who seems to leave wet armpits in every shirt you wear, then you may have a condition called hyperhidrosis. This condition affects many people and can cause you to produce large amounts of sweat in certain body areas. The most common areas are the hands and feet, but the face and underarms are often affected as well. There are ways you can treat this condition with prescription antiperspirants and other measures, but many people find success with Botox. This is the same cosmetic injection used in wrinkle removal, and it can help keep your underarm sweating at bay. Learn how it works and if it's the right treatment for you.

How Botox works for underarm sweat

Botox works in the underarms by blocking the sweat glands from working as they should. Many tiny injections of the chemical are placed just under the skin where the sweat glands are located, which blocks the sympathetic nervous system from sending signals to the glands to produce sweat. The results are several months of lesser sweating, or even eliminated sweating altogether under the arms.

Common side effects 

While side effects are reported in using Botox for hyperhidrosis in the underarm area, they are typically mild. The most common side effect is minor itching or redness near the injection site, which fades within a few hours. If you have concerns about this cosmetic injection, talk to your dermatologist prior to receiving any treatments. They can help you with any side effects that may occur if you choose to undergo treatment.

Is Botox for you?

Many patients who have received Botox for underarm sweating report being thrilled with the results. The largest factors to consider is how long it lasts (from 4 to 6 weeks) and the cost. An average treatment can cost well over $1,000. For many people this can be a daunting amount to pay, but for others it's well worth it to not have to deal with the embarrassment of dripping armpits and having to avoid certain clothing because of hyperhidrosis. How long the treatment lasts for you depends on how much Botox you have injected at a time and how severe your sweating issue is.

If you worry about excessive sweating in your armpits and don't think there is anything you can do about it, Botox can help. Talk to your doctor or dermatologist to see if injections can help you with your condition. Contact a clinic like Medical Skin Care Center for more information.