Three Questions You Might Have About Lice

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Discovering that your child's school is experiencing a lice outbreak can be a stressful realization for you to make. Unfortunately, there are many parents that may not be very informed or experienced when it comes to addressing this health problem. Therefore, you might need to have the following few questions about lice infestations answered.

How Can You Tell If Your Children Are Suffering From Lice?

There can be a number of warning signs that indicate that your child is suffering from lice. Intense urges to scratch the scalp can be one of the more common indications of this problem, but there are also more subtle warning signs as well. For example, it can be common for the scalp to contain small eggs from the lice and droppings that may be mistaken for dandruff. If you notice your child scratching their scalp or suddenly experiencing more dandruff, you will want to thoroughly inspect your child's scalp for any signs of eggs or lice.

What Treatment Is Involved With Treating Lice?

While you may assume that treating your child's lice will be difficult, it is actually simpler than many people realize. There are a number over-the-counter hair products that are highly toxic to lice, and administering these will help to rid your child's hair of these pests. These products can be highly effective at neutralizing lice, but you should know that you will need to administer this shampoo several times in order to ensure that the lice problem is completely eliminated. When using the shampoo, make sure that you follow the directions precisely. Otherwise, you may help some of the lice to develop a tolerance to the chemicals in the shampoo, and this can greatly extend the amount of time needed to treat the problem.

How Do You Prevent Lice From Spreading Around The House?

Preventing the lice from being spread around the house is a major goal for any parent that has a child with this problem. To this end, you should make sure to keep the child's bedding separate from the other members of your family. Also, when you wash it, you will want to use a detergent that is specially formulated to kill lice. Furthermore, you may want to consider treating the house with a lice killing pesticide. While you may not like the idea of treating your home with these chemicals, it can be the only way to help prevent the lice from spreading around the home while you child is treating the problem.