Listen To Two Stanzas Of Mozart And Call Me In The Morning: The Healing Power Of Music

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It has long been known that music is therapeutic; it can soothe your anger, calm your anxiety, motivate your workout, or even set the mood for a romantic evening. But did you know that music can actually prompt healing? It doesn't really matter what kind of music, or even whether you like it or not, listening to music can be quite beneficial to your health. It is only recently that researchers are discovering the physiological substrates that help them understand just why music is so good for you.

Music therapy has been applied in a number of situations to promote mental health and well being, but new studies show that music itself has some healing power over the physical body as well. There are a number of applications for music as a treatment modality:

While much research will be needed in order to fully understand and utilize the healing powers of music, there is a lot of promise in the ongoing research for people who suffer debilitating diseases and conditions to improve their quality of life simply by turning on some tunes. Who knows, perhaps your next prescription won't be a pill, but rather an hour-long session with your favorite musician. Consult with professionals, such as Alaska Natural Health Solutions, with any further questions.