3 Creative Activities To Keep Physical Rehabilitation Fun

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Being injured in an accident is never something that an individual plans for, and the rehabilitation process can be discouraging at times. Fortunately, there have been many creative advancements in the area of physical rehabilitation.

If you are looking for a way to add more interest to the rehabilitative process for your own patients, consider integrating one of these three creative activities in the future.

1. Wheelchair Art

Many physical injuries require patients to rely on the assistance of a wheelchair while they regain muscle strength and function in their lower limbs. When you want to allow your patients to express their feelings through art therapy without sacrificing the physical element of the rehabilitative process, then wheelchair art might be the right option.

Created by an artist who found himself confined to a wheelchair, the mobile painting device relies on gravity to feed paint to a roller that is controlled entirely by the wheelchair artist. Placing a giant canvas on the ground allows the patient to turn his or her wheelchair into a paintbrush, and forces the patient to physically manipulate his or her chair in order to create art. Wheelchair painting can be a creative way to revitalize the rehabilitative process.

2. Wheelchair Dancing

Music has long been touted for its healing properties, and you can combine the benefits of music therapy with your physical therapy program through wheelchair dance. Just as there are many forms of traditional dance being practiced throughout the country, wheelchair-bound dancers have the option to compete solo, with a group, and even with an able-bodied partner.

Manipulating the wheelchair in rhythm with the music can help wheelchair dancers become stronger, more motivated patients. you can even encourage your patients to view their physical therapy as preparation for one of the competitive wheelchair dancing events held throughout the country each year.

3. Hippotherapy

Animals have the ability to bring a sense of calm and contentment to any physical therapy session. Through a specialized type of physical therapy known as hippotherapy, you can utilize the movement of horses to help your patients recover.

Because horses are able to engage patients in three-dimensional movement that can't be achieved through traditional physical rehabilitation, many patients see dramatic improvements in muscle tone, balance, and coordination when engaging in hippotherapy. This creative form of rehabilitation can be paired with traditional physical therapy techniques to help keep rehabilitation interesting.

Recovering from an injury can be frustrating for your patients. Introducing creative therapy options like wheelchair art, wheelchair dance, and hippotherapy to the mix can keep your patients motivated on their path to recovery.

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