The 4 Types Of Breast Implant Incisions

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There are a couple of choices you have to make when getting breast implants. You have to determine what type of breasts implants to use and you have to decide how your surgeon will place those implants in your chest. Here is a brief overview of the 4 types of incisions used for breast augmentation surgery that you can choose.

Peri-Areolar Incision: An incision is performed around the areola (the circular area around the dark skin surrounding your nipples). This incision is used for the three types of breast implant placement techniques: sub-glandular, sub-pectoral, and sub-muscular.

An incision is cut around the dark and lighter skin around your areola to help cover up the scar. This type of incision also allows the surgeon to see your full breast better so she can place the implant in the proper position where it looks the best.

Inframammary Fold Incision: The incision the surgeon makes will run under the crease of your breast, and is used for all types of breast implant placement techniques. The scar is usually hidden by the breast resting against your chest in most cases.

The difficulty surgeon have with type of incision is related to how large you want your breasts. Very large breasts move the crease used to hide your scar. Instead of the scar being on the underside of your breast, it can appear on the bottom part of the breast itself instead. You can have the scar removed, but that will require additional surgery.

Trans-Axillary Incision: The incision is made in the arm pit so there aren't any scars on the breast at all. The surgeon will open an incision in the arm pit and cut a passage through the side of your chest to the breast area.This technique can also be used for the three types of breast implant placement techniques.

This is a difficult process that requires prolonged healing. The surgeon will also have a greater degree of difficulty in properly placing your implant into position. Another consideration is that if something goes with the implant, the surgeon may have to perform a peri-areola or crease incision to remove the breast implant – which would cause the scarring you would hope to avoid with a trans-axillary incision.

Tuba Incision:  This incision is made through the belly button, and it is the least common for surgeons to use. The incision avoids scarring on the breast. The surgeon uses and endoscope (a long, thin tube) to create a passage way from your belly button up to the breast area.

Tuba incisions are used only for sub-pectoral and sub-muscular planted implants. The surgeon can have difficulty properly placing the implant with this technique. A peri-areola or crease incision will have to be used to correct any serious problems.

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