If You Get Sick A Lot, Try These Natural Methods To Boost Your Immunity

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When there's a cold or flu going around, do you feel like you're always the first one to get it? Instead of spending day after day recovering in bed and taking cold medicine, consider taking action to boost your immunity and help avoid illness in the first place. Here are three natural methods that will give your immune system a boost and keep illness at bay.

Visit your chiropractor.

Having you spine adjusted may not sound like the most likely way to boost immunity. When your spine is out of alignment, it places pressure on various nerves, including some that regulate your immune system. These misalignments are known as subluxations. When your chiropractor adjusts your spine to correct subluxations, this pressure is alleviated. Your immune system is then able to function more easily. Note that in order to keep your immune system operating at its best, it will be important to receive regular, ongoing chiropractic care. Your chiropractor can discuss with you whether it's best for you to come in weekly, monthly, or on some other schedule.

Eat more yogurt.

Whether you prefer Greek or plain, strawberry or vanilla, eating more yogurt is a great way to boost your immune system. Yogurt contains live probotic bacteria – the same kind that live in your gut and play an important role in helping you fight off infections. Just make sure the yogurt you buy contains "live and active cultures" and that you eat it prior to the expiration date – otherwise, it may not contain the right levels of bacteria to be helpful. If eating yogurt plain is not appealing, try adding it to smoothies or oatmeal.

Catch some rays.

When you're exposed to sunlight, your body makes vitamin D, which plays an important role in maintaining immunity. If you get sick a lot during the winter, it might be because you're not spending enough time in the sun – and as a result, you're vitamin D deficient. Whenever there is a warmer day, take advantage of it and go for a walk outside. When sun is streaming in your windows, sit in the light, rather than in a dark corner. You may even want to invest in a sun lamp, which emits light frequencies that stimulate vitamin D production, and spend some time in front of it each day.

Your immune system is complex, but one thing is for sure – if you're getting sick a lot, it's not working as well as it could. By visiting a chiropractor like SpineCare Chiropractic Daniel S. Wright, D.C., eating more yogurt, and spending more time in the sun, you can help your immune system work better for you.