Going To The Dermatologist Could Save Your Life

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When it comes to making an appointment with a dermatologist, many people think that if they don't have severe acne or a skin rash, regular dermatological examinations aren't a necessity. If you think you can overlook your next appointment with the dermatologist, it's important to recognize that these doctors could provide life-saving services.

Here are two deadly diseases that a dermatologist is uniquely qualified to diagnose.

1. Pemphigus

If you notice that your skin breaks out into blisters on occasion, you could be exhibiting signs of a disease known as pemphigus. This disease is classified as an autoimmune disorder, and the more serious forms of pemphigus can be fatal if left undiagnosed and untreated.

A dermatologist will conduct a visual examination of your skin to determine the severity of your blisters. The dermatologist will then take a biopsy of one of your blisters and expose the tissue sample to a chemical compound to see which antibodies are formed.

Another way the dermatologist can test for pemphigus is by measuring the levels of certain antibodies in a blood sample. Each of these tests is needed to confirm that you have pemphigus, and a dermatologist is equipped to handle both the diagnosis and treatment of this rare skin disorder.

2. Melanoma

A cancer diagnosis is very serious, but many people don't consider the fact that a dermatologist is uniquely qualified to provide a cancer diagnosis that could save your life. Skin cancers are the most common among all cancer types, and melanoma is a particularly deadly form of skin cancer.

Although only 1% of skin cancer cases end up being melanoma, an estimated 10,130 people will die from this type of cancer in the year 2016 alone. Early diagnosis is key when it comes to successfully treating melanoma.

A dermatologist is trained to recognize abnormalities in the skin, which allows these professionals to identify melanoma cases quickly and accurately. Providing treatment through removal of the affected area of skin can often best be accomplished by the skilled hand of a dermatologist as well. 

Regular appointments with your dermatologist can be beneficial in helping you maintain your health. Identifying diseases that affect the skin (like pemphigus and melanoma) is something that dermatologists excel at. Since these diseases can be deadly if left untreated, it's in your best interest to ensure that you make (and keep) regularly scheduled appointments with your dermatologist in the future. To make an appointment with a dermatologist, contact an office like Advanced Dermatology Care.