Protect Your Hearing When Working With Loud Equipment And Tools

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If you have a job that requires you to use loud tools or machinery regularly, you are most likely concerned about the effects these items have on your hearing. Protecting yourself from potential hearing loss is extremely important when you work in a field where loud sounds are frequently present. Here are some steps you can use to aid in keeping your hearing intact when loud decibel levels are routinely avoidable with the use of tools or equipment needed:

See An Audiologist For Frequent Checks

It is a good idea to set up an appointment with an audiologist to check your hearing on a yearly basis. They will determine if your job is causing your hearing to diminish in any way, helping you to make appropriate changes in your lifestyle, if necessary. An audiologist will ask you to put on a pair of headphones and will play a series of tones in each ear for you to listen to. You will be required to raise your hand or click a small device whenever a sound is recognized. If sounds are not heard, the audiologist will recommend using a hearing apparatus to aid in boosting your hearing.

Take Breaks To Minimize Exposure

Instead of sticking around the work spots where loud sounds are present on a regular basis, make it a habit to get away from these areas as much as possible. While you will need to be present to do your portion of your job, staying in a loud area when you are on lunch or break is unnecessary. Walk away from your post at times when you are not needed to be there so your exposure to loud sounds is not as frequent.

Use The Right Headgear To Protect Hearing

Invest in a heavy-duty pair of earplugs or earmuffs to utilize while working with power equipment or tools. Earplugs should remain snugly in place so they are not a distraction with an inadequate seal against noise exposure. Earplugs that are connected to an around the head band will be beneficial in keeping them from slipping out of place. Alternately, earmuffs with sound blocking capabilities can be worn whenever you need to use loud machinery or tools. Check with your work provider to see if the cost of these items can be reimbursed, as many larger companies will pay for safety enhancements for their employees to utilize while on the job.

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