Two Potential Causes For Lower Back Pain And The Solutions

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Lower back pain is a common problem, and it can be caused by a variety of issues. Two of the main reasons for lower back pain are posture and exercise. These are both issues that are treatable. However, it's important to determine if the cause is posture or exercise, as the remedy will depend upon which is the root of the problem. So, below is a brief discussion of the two common causes of lower back pain and the potential remedy.

Bad Posture

If you sit at a desk all day, and you find yourself slouching, then this might be an underlying cause. It might feel comfortable to slouch in your chair, but sitting like that for a sustained amount of time is not something that you want to do. Sitting in this manner can cause long term issues to your spine and the surrounding muscles that support your core. There are a few corrections. The first is to sit up straight, obviously. This is easier said than done as many people will subconsciously return to slouching. Then there is always the solution of getting a special ergonomic chair that is designed to support your back. Finally, you can get a standing desk and use this to completely eliminate the problem of standing. These desks can be adjustable and they allow you to raise the desk platform high up and stand instead of sit for a period of time during the day. This eliminate the problem of slouching.

Muscle Injury From Exercise

If you lift weights, then it's very possible you are lifting wrong and are injuring the muscles in your lower back. This is a bit more serious than bad posture because it can lead to very serious damage. You might end up with disc issues. While a pulled muscle can heal without much issue, disc issues are quite serious. If you are doing deadlifts and don't lift with proper form, you could damage your dics (a common concern is a disc rupture). This is an injury that will require long term care, including traction.

The solution to this problem is to learn proper lifting form. That means dropping down in weight and getting coaching. You can either get a personal trainer to help with the posture problems, or you could get visual assistance by filming yourself and then posting the videos on weightlifting sites (this is often called a "form check").

Finally, you should go to a health specialist who is skilled in dealing with lower back pain. You don't want to mistake a spinal problem for muscle pain. Muscle pain can be dealt with by resting up, but disc ruptures or other problems need specialized medical attention. For more information, contact a business such as Pain Relief Center.