Six Mistakes That Could Slow Down Spine Surgery Recovery

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Recovering from spine surgery takes time and patience. The more informed you are about what you need to do to get through the process as comfortably as possible, the faster you'll recover and the more effective your surgery is likely to be.

The following are six mistakes that are important for you to avoid so that you recover from your surgery as quickly and as comfortably as possible. 

Sleeping in positions that cause strain

Getting an adequate amount of good, quality rest is an important part of recovering as quickly and completely as possible. 

You should discuss sleeping positions with your surgeon. Your surgeon may tell you that your spine will be best supported during sleep if you sleep on your back and keep your back, shoulders, and head raised a bit as you sleep. 

Sitting in positions that cause strain

It's important to realize that sitting down can put stress on your back. Your surgeon might recommend that you avoid sitting for long periods of time while you're recovering from surgery.

When you do need to sit, you should avoid keeping your legs higher than your hips. This can put added strain on your spine when you are sitting.

Being unaware of the benefits of wearing a post-op brace

A post-op brace can drastically speed up your recovery by keeping your spine supported. A brace can limit your movement so that you don't accidentally strain your spine through everyday movement while you are recovering. 

Not taking pain medications when you really need them

It can be scary to take pain medications when recovering from surgery in light of all the talk about opiate and pain killer addiction in the United States. 

While caution is essential when taking medications to manage pain, it's important that you do take pain medication when you really need it. Managing your pain with medication can help you to stay comfortable and relatively active while you're recovering from surgery. 

Not discussing discomfort with your doctor

Your doctor is the best source of information on how you should get through the recovery process. Don't be shy. You need to tell your doctor if you're experiencing pain and discomfort. Otherwise, you may compromise the success of your surgery by making it harder than it should be to recover. 

Neglecting physical therapy

Physical therapy can be highly effective at complementing spine surgery and helping you to build muscle strength while you're recovering from surgery. Discuss the value of physical therapy for your situation with your surgeon and schedule physical therapy appointments if your surgeon recommends them. 

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