See Why Arthroscopic Surgery Is The Most Effective Treatment For Hip Problems

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Your hip is a ball and socket joint. It is the connection between your leg and the pelvic girdle, making it very important for mobility and load-bearing. The joint contains synovial fluid, which reduces the friction when your legs are moving and bending, sitting, and carrying loads. However, the joint's position and function make it susceptible to fractures, hernias, and damage to the tendons. Hip pain can be extremely uncomfortable to live with, as it compromises your movements. Nonetheless, arthroscopic surgery is one of the most effective ways to deal with these problems. Some of the significant causes of hip joint problems in women include arthritis, tendinitis, hip fractures, and bursitis. 

If you have been suffering from hip pain, you should consider getting surgery because it has numerous benefits over the other treatment options. See why arthroscopic surgery is the most effective treatment for hip pain.

The Procedure Is Minimally Invasive

When getting a diagnosis and treatment for hip, bone, and joint problems, many individuals' most significant fear is undergoing an invasive procedure. Arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure because the surgeon only makes a tiny incision into your hip joint. They use a scope with a small camera to access the joint and observe possible problems. 

The surgery does not take a long time, and you can have it and go home on the same day. After the diagnosis, the doctor will recommend the best treatment process.

The Procedure Has Fewer Risks of Complications

Traditionally, when a patient has a problem with their hip joint, the surgeon makes a large incision on the leg's side to expose the joint and then fixes the problem. This process can take weeks and sometimes even months to recover from. 

However, arthroscopy causes less pain, has a lower risk for infections, does not cause excessive blood loss, and leads to minimal scarring. 

Since the surgeon inserts a special camera in your hip joint, it is easier for them to accurately diagnose the problem. It simplifies the choice of treatment and improves the outcome of the treatment. Arthroscopy can also treat hip impingement and labral tears.

The Procedure Protects You from Hip Replacement

Arthroscopy offers early treatment for a variety of hip conditions. When the doctor diagnoses and treats the problem early, you eliminate the chances of getting complications. It protects you from losing your hip function and needing replacement surgery.

If you have pain in your hip, you can let your doctor know about it. They can then help you get a competent arthroscopy surgeon for the procedure. Contact a doctor to learn more about arthroscopic surgery.