THC-Free CBD Oil Uses For Dogs

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THC-free pet CBD oil is made from a compound in cannabis. While THC is bad for dogs, CBD can be helpful in many ways. If your dog is suffering from certain conditions, then you may find that a simple way for you to help them with those conditions is to use CBD oil. You can learn more about some of the conditions this oil can be good for below, and you can learn more about the oil as well.

Why CBD oil is a good choice

There are different types of CBD products that you can give your dog, such as CBD-infused dog treats. However, one of the important reasons why CBD oil is so great is because you can see exactly how much of it you are giving to your dog. Also, a little CBD oil will go a long way, so the oil will last your dog for a while. 

Things that CBD oil can be helpful with

One of the things that this oil can help with is anxiety. Just as people can struggle with anxiety, so can dogs. When your dog has anxiety, they can show it in many ways. They may continuously bark at nothing when no one is home if they are anxious. They may also pant, pace, or constantly lick themselves. They may also run away, shiver, keep their head down, or cower in a corner of the room. You can give your dog some CBD oil to help give them relief from that anxiety. 

Another thing that CBD oil can help your dog with is arthritis pain. You can tell that your dog has arthritis if they have a hard time getting up from a lying position or a sitting position. Also, they may have a limp much of the time and they can also have tender areas. They may even shiver or lick at the joints that are bothering them. Also, you may notice your dog has stopped jumping up on your bed and other furniture. They may also have a hard time going upstairs and their legs may even start to give out on them when they walk. CBD oil may give them a lot of relief from their arthritic pains. 

If your dog has itchy skin, then this is something else that CBD oil may be able to help with. You can tell your dog has itchy skin because they will constantly be scratching themselves. You might even see that they have red and inflamed skin from all the scratching. They may have areas where the fur is coming out from all of the scratching and they might shake themselves the way they would if they had just come out of water. The CBD oil can help calm the irritation and the inflammation, giving your dog relief from the itchiness.