Considering Plastic Surgery? Try Botox First

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When you look at your face in the mirror lately, are you unhappy with what you see? If so, you might be considering plastic surgery, such as a facelift. These procedures do work well for many people, but they aren't always the first thing you should try. Before you rush into a plastic surgeon's office, you may want to give Botox injections a try. Here are some reasons to give Botox a chance before resorting to plastic surgery.

Botox can be used all over the face.

As you look in the mirror, you may have a hard time telling exactly what areas of your face are bothering you. Are your eyebrows sagging, or does it just appear that way because you have some wrinkles on your forehead? Do your cheeks really look too loose, or is that a side effect of your under-eye circles? If you were to guess incorrectly and have plastic surgery, you might not be happy with the effects. Botox, though, can be used all over your face. Your dermatologist can inject some in your cheeks, for instance, and then if you decide that didn't do the trick, you can always go back and have another area injected.

Botox is relatively non-invasive.

Botox is administered via an injection, so you will feel little pricks as it is administered. But they are just little pricks. There are no incisions to heal, and you won't have any serious pain afterward — maybe just low-level soreness and mild aches, if that. This makes Botox a much safer, more approachable option than plastic surgery, and that alone makes it a good thing to try before opting for more involved measures.

Botox gives nearly immediate results.

If you were to go in for plastic surgery, you would not look better immediately. The redness and swelling would be pretty profound for a few weeks, and even after that, you would have scars that take a few months to fade. Botox, on the other hand, gives nearly instant results. You may look a little overly stiff and puffy for one or two days after the injections, at most. Some people don't even experience this initial puffiness.

If you are considering plastic surgery on your face, try Botox first. You may find that the results are not drastic enough for you, but you may also find that all you needed to get your preferred look was a few injections. Contact a medical service for more information regarding facial Botox.