A Brow Lift Could Open Your Eyes And Give You A Fresh, Younger Look

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If you feel like your eyebrows are sagging and you have wrinkles on your forehead, a brow lift could be the solution. This surgical procedure lifts the skin on your forehead to smooth wrinkles and lift your eyebrows so your upper eyelids aren't as hooded. This gives you a more youthful appearance. Here are some things to know about having brow lift surgery.

Why You Might Want A Brow Lift

Your upper eyelids start to droop as you age. This drooping is caused by a sagging forehead that causes your eyebrows to sag and push your upper eyelids down. A brow lift can raise your forehead and pull open your eyelids all by itself in many cases, but sometimes you might also need eyelid surgery. Your doctor can help you decide if you need a lift along with other facial surgery or if a brow lift will give you the fresh look you want to achieve.

How A Brow Lift Is Done

Brow lift surgery can be done in different ways depending on your needs and the preferences of the surgeon. The surgeon can place the incision where it is least likely to be seen. For instance, it may be made in the scalp so your hair hides the scar. The surgeon might choose an endoscopic procedure instead that inserts a tiny scope under your skin to visualize the areas that need to be adjusted. This procedure uses small incisions, while other types of lifts may require an incision that goes ear to ear.

Once the forehead and brow have been lifted, the incision is closed with clips, adhesives, or sutures. The area may be wrapped with a bandage to help control swelling. There might also be a small drain inserted to collect fluid from under the skin.

What Recovery Could Be Like

Your surgery may not leave you with much pain, but if you need pain medications, your doctor might prescribe them. You'll be taught how to care for the incision and drain if you have one. Expect swelling for several days after the procedure. You'll notice results from the surgery right away, but due to the swelling, you won't see the final results until all the swelling has subsided. It may take several weeks until you're able to resume all of your usual activities, especially strenuous exercise.

If you want to improve the appearance of your eyes so you look more like your younger self and appear friendlier and well-rested, talk to a cosmetic surgeon to see if a brow lift might be the solution for you.