How Can Low-Level Laser Therapy Help Reverse Hair Loss In Men?

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If you're starting to lose your hair, you may want to consider scheduling an appointment for low-level laser therapy. While it's common for men to lose their hair as they age, it can certainly affect the way that you feel about your appearance when it starts to happen. Low-level laser therapy is a hair restoration treatment that stimulates the hair follicles on your scalp, enabling them to grow hair more quickly. To learn more about low-level laser therapy for hair loss and its advantages over other treatment methods, read on.

How Does Low-Level Laser Therapy Help Reverse Hair Loss?

During low-level laser therapy, you'll have a gentle red-light laser applied to your scalp. The laser penetrates slightly beneath your skin into your hair follicles, heating them up and causing the cells inside to become more active. The heat from the laser also dilates the blood vessels in your scalp, bringing more blood flow to your hair follicles and providing them with more nutrients. By making the cells inside your hair follicles more active and giving them access to more nutrients, they're able to grow thicker hair, and they're also able to grow hair more quickly.

The laser used for low-level laser therapy is different from the one that's used for laser hair removal. Laser hair removal works by damaging the hair follicles so badly that they can't grow any more hair. The gentle laser used during low-level laser therapy doesn't cause any damage to the hair follicle and only stimulates it to grow hair more quickly.

What Are the Advantages of Low-Level Laser Therapy over Other Hair Restoration Methods?

Low-level laser therapy doesn't alter your body's hormone levels like the prescription medications used to speed hair growth. Male-pattern baldness is a result of how male hormones affect hair follicles, and medication for hair loss works by reducing them. Changing your body's hormone levels can cause unwanted side effects. If you're worried about the potential side effects of taking medication to regrow your hair, then low-level laser therapy is an excellent alternative.

When compared to surgical hair restoration, low-level laser therapy is less expensive and less invasive. Surgical hair restoration involves transplanting hair follicles to your scalp that are taken from elsewhere on your body like your back. While surgical approaches are very successful, they can be expensive, and they carry risks like any surgical procedure. Low-level laser therapy doesn't require any surgical intervention, so it's a gentler method of hair restoration.

If you're starting to lose your hair, find a hair restoration clinic that offers low-level laser therapy and schedule an appointment. You can help reverse the effects of aging and hormones by stimulating the hair follicles on your scalp and enabling them to grow thicker and fuller hair. For more information on hair restoration, contact a professional near you.